Friday, July 20, 2012

Is Your Cat Really a Cat?

 DARK THINGS II: Cat Crimes or Saving Our Felines

Roughly four million or more cats are put to sleep in America each year. That doesn't count the number of feral and homeless cats that die in the streets. Chilling statistics.

Cats have been worshipped in some civilization as gods, beloved by many as loving companions and pets and reviled by others. For those who love our felines, it is an uphill battle to educate cat owners to be responsible and spade or neuter their cat. And still another struggle is the failing economy. That has added more homeless cats to the streets and shelters as families lose their homes and either leave their cats behind or take them to a shelter.

Kind and generous individuals have opened what is termed as "No Kill Cat Shelters." The most well known and most respected of these is located along the King's River in Parlier, California. It's called The Cat House on the Kings and was opened and run by a very special and loving woman, Lynea Lattanzio. Cats are cared for lovingly and they roam freely on twelve acres of land. There is no expiration date for a cat. No cat is killed. The Cat House on the Kings runs an aggressive adoption program with a professional team of care-givers and online web site adoption site. Please check out the link to The Cat House on the Kings. If you love and cherish felines, I guarantee that you will have a smile on your face. This shelter and others like it face a constant struggle to make enough money to remain open and continue to provide the wonderful food, housing and services. Just take a look at "The Woodstove Room" at The Cat House on the Kings picture.

I've been blessed with a lifetime of longtime feline companions. I've loved them all and cherish each memory of their time with me. Being a poor and starving author....well, not starving....I wanted desperately to donate funds to various animal charities but never could. That's when I came up with the idea to put together an anthology where all proceeds from sales of the book would go directly to the selected animal charity. Authors would donate their stories and my publishing imprint would publish the book. This would be my way of giving where the need is greatest. It would be a Win-Win situation for both reader and author. Giving to charity and getting a great read in return.

DARK THINGS II: Cat Crimes features 20 authors with an Introduction by Robert W. Walker. There are 254 pages with tales that stretch from the wicked, the scary, the wondrous, the magical and the charming side of felines. I have some of my favorites, but you will have to read the anthology for yourself and pick your own favorites. If you love cats, you will be in for a treat. If you don't like cats, buy it and read it anyway. The stories are told are by some of the best and upcoming authors, such as Mary V. Welk, Patricia Harrington, Jim Silvestri, Anna Sykora, Juli D. Revezzo and more. It is the perfect book to crawl under the covers with on a rainy night or take to the beach with you. All proceeds from the sale and purchase of DARK THINGS II: Cat Crimes will be donated to The Cat House on the Kings.

DARK THINGS II: Cat Crimes, is available via as a trade paperback and also a Kindle eBook. Remember, when you purchase Cat Crimes, you are not only getting a great read but you are also donating to a worthy and needed cause. The safe and no-kill alternative for our beloved felines.


Jolene said...

I'm so pleased to see people pushing this book. Granted, of course you would be *lol* but, well? I've done cat rescue. I've lived in inner-city Philly, where stray and feral cats (generally strays, ferals tend to be too people shy) ended up tortured (because who cares?) or as dog-bait (let's hear it for dog-fighting! grr) and it's just terrible. (I've done cat rescue and have been burned out by doing said rescue, even). They need help, the whole problem needs attention, and you guys are amazing for drawing attention to the problem . . . with entertaining if chilling stories.

Patty G. Henderson said...


Thank you so much for your post. Hopefully, exposure of the problem will help make people aware of it. Will it convince pet owners to be more responsible by spaying and neutering them? Who knows. That is the only way. And we have to commend all the vets who are offering discounts and slashing their spaying and neutering costs so that families who want to add a kitten or two would be able to afford it more easily. And also thank all the fearless volunteers who set out to trap and then release feral cats after being spayed or neutered back to their environments. Felines are beautiful, mysterious, fun and loyal companions. They deserve all our love and compassion. We had lots of fun with the stories in DARK THINGS II: Cat Crimes and I hope readers will enjoy them as well and know they are also giving to a good cause in addition to buying a great anthology. Thanks again for your post and for all the work you've done for our fave pets.