Friday, July 23, 2010

eBook? Paper? Prices?

Okay, I never thought I could love more than one. Smelling, touching and enjoying a paper book was always at the top of my most enjoyable pastimes. I questioned eBooks immediately and never imagined I could enjoy an electronic book like a paper book. Plus, my budget prohibited even considering ever, ever owning an eBook. Then a wonderful friend gifted me with an older Kindle 1. I now understand being able to love more than one. I really am enjoying my Kindle.

I have at least four books I would love to read as a Kindle book. I probably won't be reading least not on my Kindle. Why? They are over $10 each. I simply cannot afford to pay $11.99 or more for a Kindle download when a used copy in very good condition is half the price. The problem, however, is that I am running out of space to put books. I am enjoying my Kindle so much that I planned on making most purchases really low-priced eBooks or freebies.

I know publishers have been fighting off Amazon to have the rights to sell their books for a higher price than the recommended limit of $9.99 suggested by Amazon, but if they get their ways, will we be looking at eBooks being priced at $20 eventually? Who will buy? Will the reader say the hell with it, give away or sell some of their books taking up space, and merely continue to buy used or lower priced copies of paper books?  An eBook will never offer the sensation of a good, paper book, so I won't ever get tired of that or give it up.

So, right now, the best thing is that we have the option of eBooks and paper books. I'm not going to pay that much for an eBook even though I would have preferred it. I will buy the cheaper paper book and just make room for it by donating another book off my shelf or giving it away to make room for the new one.

eBooks.....they should remain reasonably priced. Under $10. I know many will disagree, but this is merely my own opinion. I won't support an eBook priced higher than $10. I will wait or find a more budget-friendly alternative.

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LM Preston said...

I now have an ebook addiction. I don't have a ereader. I just download .pdf copy of books because it's a quick easy and cheap read during my lunch break. I now purchase more ebooks than print because the ebooks are cheaper.