Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How Indie Publishing Can Raise Money for Charities

This is a very special post. Why? Isn't it just another book I'm going to tell you about so that you'll go out and buy it, enjoy it and feed the authors and publishers who brought you the entertainment?

No. Well, it is a book I want to tell you about, but the only ones who will profit from buying a copy of DARK THINGS will be the readers who are definitely going to enjoy a collection of stories that will surely entertain and creep you out (that is a good thing for horror fans, right?) and the ASPCA. For those who don't know what that is, it stands for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The ASPCA has shelters all over the country who are humanely housing, feeding, neutering, spaying and attempting to adopt out dogs, cats, beloved pets. They run on shoestring budgets, all of them dependent on donations from the national organization and also local patrons. Animal charities truly need our help. The economic struggles in this country have affected so many families already living on the edge, that some have had to move from or leave their foreclosed homes. Many pets are being left behind. It isn't the right thing to do and most of us would never leave a family pet behind, but it is happening. Shelters, normally on a tight budget, are now overwhelmed with left behind pets. They  need our help.

Publishing eBooks has become a digital revolution. It is possible for independent authors to publish eBooks and bring many books into the hands of readers that might not have been possible in print. Three authors, myself included, have given of their time and talent, to pen four stories of dark fiction that will please all who love the genre. Every single cent from the proceeds of the sales of DARK THINGS will go to the ASPCA. Black Car Publishing will not receive one penny. The authors have donated all their royalties. Here are the blurbs for the stories in the book.
                                    "From Patty G. Henderson, Her Apparition is a chilling and tragic tale of a house with an unrestful spirit that must reveal a long ago, brutal murder before it can rest. And in I Sing the Body Dead, Henderson weaves a touching story of a young girl's unholy gift she shares with her mother and the terrifying consequences of calling up the dead.

From MJ Williamz, The Hunted is a vampire tale set in the steamy, sultry city of New Orleans. With vibrant storytelling sure to please the thirst for blood among vampire fans, Williamz blends the allure of New Orleans and the exciting story of an unlikely relationship between an ancient vampire and the descendant of her arch-nemesis, a vampire hunter.

VW Massie presents Skin, a tale that builds to a frightening and unbelievably chilling end. Two sisters become the unwilling victims of demonic beings using modern technology to terrorize us. Maybe you'll think twice about installing that cable box after reading this story. And you will never again look in the mirror without a shiver and without thinking of Massie's Skin.

DARK THINGS is now available for purchase as a Kindle book on for only 2.99. This is a great read to take to the beach or to curl up with on a late night. However, I can't guarantee that you'll be able to turn out the light after reading DARK THINGS.

If you enjoy the supernatural/horror genre or even a mystery with a big splash of horror in it, order a copy of DARK THINGS. You won't just be getting a chilling collection of short stories, but you'll be helping out millions of unwanted pets waiting for new owners who need our help. It's only spending $2.99 for reading pleasure and a worthy donation. Win-Win situation.

Order from Amazon at: DARK THINGS by Patty G. Henderson,     MJ Williamz and VW Massie.


Vixen Pearl said...

Great idea, Patty! I'll spread the word for you! :)

Patg said...

Elaine D mentioned your blog and future anthology on the Guppy list, so came over to find out more about cat crimes. Just what I need: to follow another "PAT". There are so many of us on my blog and in the family, I have to add a small letter to keep track. Fortunately the 'other' "h" remarried and is now "c".

Patty G. Henderson said...

Thanks for stopping by, Juli. Would greatly appreciate it you could spread the word. There will be a DARK THINGS collection next year as well, the theme being DARK THINGS: Cat Crimes. Stay tuned.....

Patty G. Henderson said...

Hey, Pat. Glad you stopped by. Yes, there will be another DARK THINGS collection next year, all proceeds still going to an animal charity.

The theme for 2011 will be DARK THINGS: Cat Crimes. I'll be looking for darker stories involving our favorite felines. Murder most catty. LOL. More information later. I hope to double the size of the book next year with lots more stories and authors. Since all proceeds will go to the charity of choice, no pay and no royalty, just pay in copies. The ASPCA, the Humane Society and so many others really need our help. Again, thanks for stopping by.