Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fun Poll.....Give-away Brenda Strange Bookmark......Free Bookplates!

WIN A BRENDA STRANGE AUTOGRAPHED BOOKMARK! Do you enjoy the Brenda Strange series? Do you have a favorite book in the series? I'll be running a poll here in The Henderson Files and giving away an autographed Brenda Strange bookmark like the one you see above as a prize to one lucky person. All you have to do is email me the answer to the following poll:

1. The Burning of Her Sin
2. Tangled and Dark

3. The Missing Page

Email me your answer and a short explanation why the book was your fav. I will select a winner from the responses and mail you your autographed bookmark. This was a special bookmark created by a Brenda Strange fan. At the moment, this is the only way you can get this unique bookmark. I will not be giving these away until the 4th Brenda Strange book is released later this year and this poll and give-away may be terminated at any time in the future. Please email me your responses via my website: www.pattyghenderson.com. Good luck and have fun.

If you loved the Countess Lara Karnov in my vampire book, SO DEAD, MY LOVE or have a cherished copy of the hot new anthology of flash fiction horror stories that I edited for PD Publishing, CHILLING TALES OF TERROR AND THE SUPERNATURAL, and would love an autographed bookplate like the cool ones above, please email me your address and I'll happily mail one out to you. One bookplate per person, please. Don't forget to tell me if you want the Vampire Countess or the Chilling Tales cover. These are perfect to just tip inside the book or paste on the front page. Your choice. Each one will be autographed.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Pop Open the Champagne....XIMORA is finished!

It's always a bittersweet celebration when finishing a book. You've spent months, if not years, living, breathing and being totally immersed in the world and characters of your story and then it ends. Just like that. We all know it has to end but I'm sure many writers, like myself, find themselves missing the drama and excitement.

As of 9:30 this morning, Wednesday, January 7th, the fourth Brenda Strange adventure was finished. I didn't have Champagne, but I did sit back and enjoy a cup of smooth coffee with non-diary creamer. I'll put the manuscript aside for about a month, read over it again, revise once, maybe allow a beta reader to take a look at it, then send it on to my hard-as-nails editor.

The best way I cope with the withdrawal of saying goodbye to a book I spent so much time with is to start on a new one. Now, which one calls my name the loudest? Will it be the bloodthirsty adventure and romance of a sequel to my Karnov vampire trilogy or the bold dip into a period gothic romantic suspense? And Brenda Strange will surely begin demanding my attention sooner than later.

I find the choices challenging and delightful. Oh, and there is that barely audible whisper of a pirate yarn.....