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It's December 26, the day after Christmas and I hope everyone overstuffed themselves with food and celebrated with beloved family and cherished friends.

And I'm happy that you made it to the Henderson Files where I'm so delighted to have been tagged to be part of the wild and exciting The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. It's like a chain letter of authors passing along or "tagging" new authors for the following week. It's a unique way to find out what new book an author is working on or a new release. In my case, I want to tell you about my upcoming new Gothic Historical Romance, PASSION FOR VENGEANCE,  but also have fun with my current Gothic as well. I was tagged by lesbian Historical Romance author T.T. Thomas. Thanks bunches, Tarra. 

The fun part is that each author gets the same ten questions. They are fun and hopefully the readers will find them equally so. Don't forget to check at the bottom of my final answer for the author I've tagged for next week's The Next Big Thing Blog Hop!

What is the working title of the book?
Title of my new lesbian Gothic Historical Romance is PASSION FOR VENGEANCE. I’m hoping for a Spring 2013 release. This is the first Internet release of the cover for the book.

Where did the idea come from for the book?
I’ve written two previous lesbian Gothic Historicals that have pretty much followed the tried and true formula for successful Gothics but I was interested in exploring the relationship between dark and light and how life situations can impact a woman to plunge into the darker aspects of her soul.

What genre does your book fall under?
Gothic Historical Romance

Which actors would you choose to play your characters in the movie rendition?
Oh, what fun! You mean I get to play Hollywood Producer and Casting Agent? Since PASSION FOR VENGEANCE won’t be published until Spring 2013, I’m hesitant to give readers predisposed images of the characters. I prefer my readers to use their imaginations with the words I use. If they are expertly written, then a reader should have a powerful picture of what I want them to see. However, there is one actress that I feel is so perfect, that I think I can take the chance.....

 Emily Blunt would make a perfect Emma Stiles from the forthcoming PASSION FOR VENGEANCE

And just to keep playing casting agent, I thought it would be fun to cast the leading characters in my current and newest Gothic Historical Romance, CASTLE OF DARK SHADOWS, now available at Amazon as a Kindle eBook and paperback, also at Barnes and Noble online as an ePub eBook.

 Natalie Portman as "Marion Dunraven" from CASTLE OF DARK SHADOWS

  Alexandra Breckinridge as "Olivia Hampton" from CASTLE   OF DARK SHADOWS

 What is the one sentence synopsis of your book, PASSION FOR VENGEANCE?
 A woman, wracked by pain and a dark, haunted past finds salvation in the arms of another woman in an old, fading family plantation in the decade following the American Civil War.

What is the larger synopsis of your book, PASSION FOR VENGEANCE?

Jane Havens is the young heiress to the once powerful and glorious Havenswood, the now faded estate of the famous and decorated Colonel Vincent Havens, a Civil War Union hero. Her older brother, Cole Havens, current Master of Havenswood, is unable to restore the splendor of Havenswood to its days of glory. Into the midst of the crumbling plantation is thrust Emma Stiles, a mysterious young woman who is hired as governess to young Henry Havens, the youngest of the Havens family.

But with the arrival of Emma Stiles, long hidden and painful skeletons in the Havens closet are finally exposed but none could compare to the darkest, most destructive secret that lies hidden within the soul of Emma Stiles. When Jane and Emma fall madly in love, and passions and lust collide with secrets and dark desires for vengeance, no one in Havenswood is safe from the explosive consequences.

Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?
I have my own indie imprint, Blanca Rosa Publishing. I no longer sign contracts with publishers.

How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?
I can normally write and publish a novel-length book within one year. 

Who or what inspired you to write this book?
I think I pretty much summed that up in the second question. I am constantly exploring my need to spread my wings and push myself to embrace something I haven't tried before. 

What else about your book might pique the readers interest?
With PASSION FOR VENGEANCE, I've broken from my previous two Gothic Historical Romances. There is deeper character explorations.....Deeper and more erotic sex (some may actually wonder if the old Patty G. Henderson has been kidnapped and a replica put in her place).....and complete instructions on how to make "the Green Fairy," or better known as Absinthe, the favorite drink of bohemians and "outsiders" everywhere. 


Thank you so much for stopping by The Henderson Files.....Next week, I've tagged author Sarah Ettritch for the January 2nd The Next Big Thing Blog Hop. Sarah has written fantasy and science fiction novels including the Rymellan Series, the Threaded Through Time series and other faves such as The Salbine Sisters. 

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Is self-publishing about to become the new norm for publishing? Even in my small niche, small POD publishers are closing their doors. Authors are left homeless and adrift. Many will turn an eye toward self-publishing. Is it the right choice? Self-publishing has been recently, but almost always, blamed for the death of books and publishing. You can find such articles anywhere on the net. Not so. It is, in fact, the new wave of publishing and the oncoming tsunami won't be turned back. With small publishers going under, the big conglomerates looking more and more like One World Publishing, self-publishing is looking really, really good.

How many will strike out and publish on their own? Will you be one to take out your surfboard and daringly try to balance the wave? Check out the link for a thought-provoking blog post and then post your response here if you'd like. Or not.

Follow the link and then come back here and share your thoughts at The Henderson Files:

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Patty G. Henderson

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   Five Simple Truths for Indie Authors

Those of us who are writing today know that we’re writing in an amazing place and time. Publishing has changed (a lot!) and there doesn’t seem to be any sign of those changes slowing down.

But with all of the fluctuations—all of the tweaking and adjustments and tossing out of the old way of doing business—there are a few things I think are timeless. When my head begins to hurt because I’m not sure what to do next, I think of these things that are like simple truths for indie authors:

Simple Truth #1: When you invest in your book, you invest in yourself.

Hire a professional editor. There is no way a book is going to be the best it can be without one. Readers have become more savvy and discerning than ever before. They’ve learned to download a sample and if that sample is weak, they aren’t going to care about your cover or your title or your trailer or the fact that it’s free.

Speaking of covers (*wink*)… I believe that I sold at least a couple of copies of Red Tide because the cover was intriguing. Unless you are an amazing graphic designer, with all the tools at your disposal, hire someone who will work with you and tweak your cover until it can’t be tweaked anymore.

Simple Truth #2: What one person loves about your book, another person won’t.

I love this. Life would be pretty dull if we all loved the same stuff. Some people aren’t going to be drawn to your book. Period. Get over it. Embrace the diversity.

Simple Truth #3: Manipulation can lead to strangulation.

There’s a fine line between gentle persuasion and cramming your book down someone’s throat. Remember that ‘social networking’ is exactly what it says. It is not your own private billboard. If I follow you on Twitter or friend you on Facebook, that does not give you permission to blast your book in my face. If you push me hard enough, I’ll push back.

Simple Truth #4: Readers are gold.

Readers owe you nothing. When they reach out to you, take the time to respond as graciously as possible. You build your audience one reader at a time.

You owe readers everything. They validate you every time they pick up your book and read it. They affirm that the thing you love doing you do well.

Simple Truth #5: Never stop improving.

Keep learning. Read books on craft, don’t just buy them and stick them on your bookshelf. Go to conferences, take workshops. Talk with other writers. Work to make your next book better than your last one.

And finally, one more (call it a bonus):

Simple Truth #6: Trust the process.

If you write a good book, invest in it, lose your ego and appreciate the people who find your book in that great ocean of books, things will shake out wonderfully in the end.

What about you? Is there another simple truth you’d like to share?

Peg Brantley is the author of Red Tide. In six months, Red Tide has found its way into the hands of more than 30,000 readers. Her second novel, The Missings will be available in October, 2012 wherever books are sold.

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GUEST BLOGGER: Juli D. Revezzo

Writing Through the Storm

Hey, I’m Juli and I’m a writer. Yes, I know everyone is these days right? It’s fun, exciting, they say. Hey, maybe you can even get lucky and make some money.
(Okay, okay, now that we’ve all stopped laughing, ask yourself this: What drives you to it? To create, to put yourself out there, to try again and again?
That, I think, is the question we all have to ask ourselves once we move these tales out of our computers. What drives us to give them to critique partners, to let them tear open our veins, for better or worse?
For me, it was not an easy road. Every writer has stories of rejection, of wrong turns. In my case, I think it was Fate slapping me in the nose that led me to finally listen to the gurus that urged, “Come on; you should just try this once.”
And Fate’s a real bitch, sometimes. What can you do when life smacks you in the nose? I got smacked pretty hard the last few years, but I didn’t sit down and feel sorry for myself.
No. I wrote.
And wrote.
And wrote some more. I fouled up a couple times, and a couple manuscripts; but then I sat down, and thought real hard. Was I squeezing myself into a box I just wasn’t going to fit in?
If I continued on the path I’d been following for half my life (yes, half my life), and tried and tried and tried really hard, what were the odds that I’d ever get further than I had in all those years of trying? Was I becoming better at querying? Or worse at writing?
Yes, believe it or not, I’m coming to realize practice doesn’t always make perfect, if you are practicing the wrong things. And practicing in a storm of upheaval—which Patty can attest to—doesn’t always yield results.
But hey. It’s a learning process, right?
The end result added to what I’ve done today. It compelled me to take a real look at Legacy publishing and I realized, maybe its brass ring wasn’t so shiny after all. The stigmas have been swept aside and maybe not everyone needs to take the same path to enlighten--erm, I mean publication. The realization, or the sting of the smacks whatever you want to call it, the storms I weathered went into the storms of my first book, The Artist’s Inheritance—and helped me to deepen and publish it, for better or worse.
So, the question all comes down to this: What can you trust more in the storm? The rusty brass ring? Or the sails of your own making?
I know what I think. So, if you’re thinking of what to do with those sails of trying, and trying again. Then do. Get out there, and hoist those sails. We’ll see what’s over the horizon.

Want to learn more about my book The Artist’s Inheritance? Okay.

Settling into their new home in Gulf Breeze, Florida, Caitlin finds strange changes coming over her husband Trevor. He seems obsessed with a beautiful chair he’s carving.
When the nightmares deepen and ghosts begin lurking—she knows something’s not right, and not just her newfound precognitive abilities. It’s the damned chair, she’s sure. Could it be just what it seems: a mundane piece of furniture? If so, why is it attracting dark forces—the forces she suspects drove Trevor’s siblings to insanity and suicide?
Before the same happens to Trevor, Caitlin must convince him to sell his art. But armed with only a handful of allies, and little experience of the supernatural, she must proceed with caution against the hellish forces besieging her family. If she succeeds, she will break the ancestral curse. If she fails, she may lose forever the one thing she cares about most: her beloved Trevor.

It’s available at Amazon for Kindle
and coming soon in paperback.
Thanks, Patty, for inviting me here!

About Juli D. Revezzo

Juli D. Revezzo has long been in love with writing, a
love built by devouring everything from the Arthurian
legends, to the works of Michael Moorcock, and the
classics and has a soft spot for classic the “Goths” of the
19th century. Her short fiction has been published in Dark
Things II: Cat Crimes, The Scribing Ibis, Eternal Haunted
Summer, Twisted Dreams Magazine and Luna Station
Quarterly and Crossed Genres' "Posted stories for Haiti
relief" project, while her non-fiction has been included in
The Scarlet Letter. She has also, on occasion, edited the
popular e-zine Nolan's Pop Culture Review... But her
heart lies in the storytelling. She is a member of the
Romance Writers of America, the Tampa Area Romance
Authors, and the special interest RWA chapter Fantasy,
Futuristic and Paranormal. To learn more about this and
future releases, visit her at:

Juli D. Revezzo’s site links: