Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's About Time....eBook Time!

I never stopped to think about how much time had gone by since I posted here. January, apparently. While I won't be bold enough to promise I'll be more timely, I can at least attempt to post something more frequently, just not regularly.

The big news from me and for me is eBooks. My eBook editions have been outselling my trade paperbacks. I think that isn't real news for most writers in this brave new publishing kingdom. After dipping the toes in the publishing waters in years past, the eBook is here, in your face and here to stay, I would venture to say.

All my books released via my publishing imprint, Black Car Publishing, are all simultaneously available as eBooks as well, in Kindle on Amazon and in ePUB and other formats through the Lulu Marketplace. I'm also in the process of making all my previous Brenda Strange books published by Bella Books available as eBooks. I got my rights back to the first three Brenda Strange Supernatural Mystery books and already released the first book in the series, THE BURNING OF HER SIN, as an eBook with a brand new cover. The brand new and fourth Brenda Strange book, XIMORA, has been available in Kindle and ePUB since October. The third book in the series, THE MISSING PAGE, will be available in June or July, completing all the Brenda Strange available in several eBook formats and on Amazon.

And I want to take this opportunity to announce that the second book in the series, TANGLED AND DARK, is now available as an eBook. For now, the only format is ePUB, PDF and other formats, but the Amazon Kindle is coming soon. This eBook edition also sports a brand new cover for this edition.

But this posting isn't just BSP. Authors, how are your eBooks selling? I keep hearing from more and more indie authors that their eBooks are outselling their paper books. Is this the wave of the future? Will you, the author, consider releasing only eBooks in the future? Does that somewhat frighten you, shock you or excite you?

Readers, is the eBook explosion and all the cool ads Amazon is running on TV for their Kindle edging even closer to investing in a Kindle? How about the amazing iPad? Is that the item that will bring you into eBooks? Do you plan on continuing to enjoy both paper books and eBooks? What about pricing? Authors and publishers have been haggling about pricing, but for the indie author, we can damn well do whatever we want with our eBooks. We can choose the price we want without having to worry about a publisher sticking their finger in your pie or making the decision for you. So, how are choosing to price your eBooks? On the low end to increase sales or high end to get the most profit? Readers, do you have a perceived worth for an eBook and how much you are willing to pay for it?

I enjoy hearing from you and joining a lively conversation.

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