Saturday, August 14, 2010

I've Just Lowered My Kindle Books. Is Pricing The Secret To Kindle Success?

First things first. I just lowered all my $5.99 priced Brenda Strange books to $4.99. That is a whopping $1.00 off.  Now all the Brenda Strange books are reasonably priced and for those who have been wanting to read one or more, now is the time to pick one or two up and try them on for size. But please wait 24 hours before ordering. Amazon tells me that once I change the price of an eBook, the book will not be available for purchase for 24 hours.

And the above brings me to the subject of eBook pricing. It's a hot topic among readers and authors and I imagine publishers too. What is a good price for an eBook?  For me, I will bypass an eBook if it is over $6.99. That is just my own, self-imposed limit. Without going into all the controversy of how much eBooks still cost to produce and that they should be priced as competively as paper books, I still think $9.99 is a good limit for the price of an eBook. Is that because Amazon has been telling us this for so long that I've finally been brainwashed into believing it? I don't know. But even so, because of my budget, I usually won't splurge over $7.99 for an eBook and no more than $4.99 for an unknown or new author. Again, these are my own decisions based on budget restraints. Those that have unlimited or more expendable capital may not care what the price of an eBook is and that is fine too.

In any case, if you care to post about your own ideas and beliefs on the pricing of eBooks, please leave your comment. All comments are extremely welcomed. And don't forget to check out the lower prices on my Brenda Strange Kindle releases.