Monday, November 5, 2012


Is self-publishing about to become the new norm for publishing? Even in my small niche, small POD publishers are closing their doors. Authors are left homeless and adrift. Many will turn an eye toward self-publishing. Is it the right choice? Self-publishing has been recently, but almost always, blamed for the death of books and publishing. You can find such articles anywhere on the net. Not so. It is, in fact, the new wave of publishing and the oncoming tsunami won't be turned back. With small publishers going under, the big conglomerates looking more and more like One World Publishing, self-publishing is looking really, really good.

How many will strike out and publish on their own? Will you be one to take out your surfboard and daringly try to balance the wave? Check out the link for a thought-provoking blog post and then post your response here if you'd like. Or not.

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